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St. Louis Mortgage Lenders

St. Louis Mortgage LendersSt. Louis has become known for its competitive housing market, due to its amenities and affordability of living. Many of its residents are always looking to buy a home in one of the infamous St. Louis communities that are perfect for raising families. We are St. Louis mortgage lenders that you can go to achieve that goal. Our loan officers help each customer out individually to meet their goal by handing out over $1 billion in loan options. It doesn’t matter if you are refinancing a loan option or buying a new home, our customer service is designed to work directly with you to get the loan you need to get your dream home in St. Louis.

The number one goal of Liberty Lending St. Louis lenders is always to save you money – so our loan officers are trained to give you the lowest, fixed-rate mortgage that you can receive based on your individual needs. We are a unique mortgage company, in that we constantly monitor our rates to make sure that we always provide you with the most updated, low-interest rates we can. The St. Louis housing market is hot and booming, and we understand more than anyone that efficiency and transparency to homeowners is paramount. To that end, we are always open and upfront about our mortgage interest rates to potential customers.

Throughout the entire process – from underwriting to closing – the personal loan officer you are assigned will help you find the best mortgage for your needs. We have streamlined this process to ensure that you receive expert service from someone who knows everything about your situation and can fulfill your needs. Allow Liberty Lending St. Louis to advocate for you while finding the best loan rates for your new home or refinancing your current loan.

Home Buyers – First Time

As housing has become more affordable and with St. Louis providing a great quality of life, enjoy choosing between one of several great neighborhoods to settle down in. If you are a first time home buyer, do not fear – we will provide you with a personal loan officer who will stay with you throughout the entirety of the loan process and ensure that you are with the best loan program that fits your needs. We have sixteen years of experience in the St. Louis housing market, which gives us an edge over our competitors while helping you find the best financial options for your new home.

Home Refinancing

The interest rates in St. Louis housing are at an all-time low, so if you are thinking about refinancing, you should do it now. If you refinance your loan with us, we will be able to help you lower your monthly payments, receive money for home improvements and/or college loans, or pay off any bills you have. Our loan officers are here to work directly with you in finding the best loan program to meet your needs, and with low-interest rates to boot!

Unique Mortgages

We are St. Louis mortgage lenders who know that each client is bound by a unique set of circumstances, so we process each loan individually. We will help you decide the best course of action via lowering your monthly mortgage payment, getting money out of your home, or both! Whether you want to buy a new home or refinance your current home, our main goal is to provide you with the proper information and process to do so.

Liberty Lending Consultants also pledges to help each customer not only achieve their dreams with their house purchase but also save money on their closing costs.

As a mortgage broker in St. Louis who has helped thousands of customers over the years, we have never wavered from our pledge to help find every one of our customers a solution for their residential or commercial lending needs. No matter what the current mortgage rate is, we have always been committed to getting you the rate that you can afford. Because of this commitment, we have seen many first time clients turn into repeat clients – whether they are buying another home, refinancing their loan, or buying an investment or commercial property.

We at Liberty Lending Consultants have pledged to help you meet your financial dreams while also saving money on your closing costs – whether you are buying an investment property or your first home. We will always have many lending options for you to choose from as one of the top St. Louis mortgage companies.