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St. Louis Home Loans

St. Louis Home LoansWe at Liberty Lending Consultants have made it our mission to aide as many customers with their mortgages and enable them to achieve their financial goals and dreams, by helping them figure out the most cost-effective methods regarding their closing costs.

We provide St. Louis home loans and have been for the past several years – where we have helped thousands of customers achieve their financial dreams. Our main goal is to provide our customers with financial help regarding their commercial or residential lending needs. It does not matter what the interest rates are, we at Liberty Lending Consultants are St. Louis mortgage lenders and brokers that are here to get the rate you need. It is due to this unwavering commitment that we are often the choice for those who are seeking to buy their second home, investment or commercial property, or to help them close on a refinancing loan. There are several mortgage lenders located in St. Louis, and that is why we are so grateful that you have come to us.

Here at Liberty Lending, our number one goal is to help all of our mortgage customers save money by keeping their closing costs as low as possible while they are seeking their loan. It does no matter if you are trying to buy your first home, your second home, an investment property, or commercial property – we have a wide variety of loan options that are suitable for your every need.

St. Louis Mortgage Lenders and BrokersLiberty Lending St. Louis home loans are the best option for you to go with because we do our very best to make the loan process as simple as it can be on your end. Our jobs are to do the heavy lifting regarding the whole process, so you can focus on the more important things – packing up to move, saving your money, or making plans for your home equity line of credit. We at Liberty Lending Consultants want to handle the difficult, more time-consuming aspects of the process to make it easier for you.

Liberty Lending an offer you a variety of loan types – VA, FHA, USDA, or conventional home loan – that best suit your desires and needs.

Your first goal with us should be to get pre-approved for the loan. This is especially critical if you want to successfully buy a home in today’s market. Luckily, our mortgage professionals are here to guide you through the entire process and can show you how simple and easy the entire process of getting the loan can be with the right help. This is where you want to start, because not only does it signal to the sellers that you are very serious about the home that you want to buy, but it also tells you how much money, down to the exact dollar, you are able to borrow. The more information you know, the better informed your decisions will be. Also, having all of this information readily available will also not only prepare you to make better decisions, but also give you more room to negotiate when it comes down to signing the contract for your new home. Once you have gotten to this step, that is where we at Liberty Lending will take over.

Our financial and lending professionals have won several awards for their dedicated service, so that is how you will know that we will do our very best to find you a loan that fits your needs. We know that there are several options available to you, no matter your budget, and so part of our services is that we will thoroughly research all of them, and then discuss them with you in great detail so you can make an informed decision. We will help you reach that decision as quickly, and with as much information as possible.

If you want to discuss any options you have regarding a commercial loan, cash-out home mortgage refinancing loan, or a second mortgage we at Liberty Lending have expert professionals who specialize in each area to give you the best possible advice.

15 Year and 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

-Do not worry about your interest rate increasing over the years.

-Your monthly payments will stay exactly the same for the length of the loan.

-You will be protected from any “surprise” changes in your (monthly) mortgage payment.

-This is a great choice for people who are planning to stay in the same home for an extended time period.


Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

-Your payments are low during the early years of your loan.

-This is a great option for anyone who plans to move within a few years.

-The initial interest rates are generally lower than anything you would get on a fixed-rate mortgage.

-There are interest caps placed on your interest rates so that your rates are limited in how much they can increase.

-The interest rate will change over time, based on the prime rate of the financial index.


FHA Loan

-This is one of the most affordable home loans based in the St. Louis area.

-An amazing option for low-income home buyers.

-Down-payments on homes can be as low as 3.5%.

-There are no prepayment fees needed.

-Very popular with first-time homebuyers.


VA Loan

-We offer 100% full financing to those who qualify.

-These loans are guaranteed for (eligible) veterans, surviving spouses of veterans, and active duty personnel.

-Generally little to no down payment is required.

-Requirements regarding credit are a lot more lenient in general.

-If you want to learn more about the St. Louis loan process, please go to our online application and complete it. It is available 24 hours a day for your convenience.


Working with Loan Officers You Trust

We at Liberty Lending make it our mission to provide the best service we can to all of our customers.

Remember – we offer a wide range of services that include in-house underwriting, closing, and processing so that we are fully appraised of all of your mortgage needs.

We offer a great range of mortgage products and have been A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau based on our customer experiences.

Come to us today for your St. Louis home loans. We are St. Louis mortgage lenders that are sure to get a quick pre-approval and an easy close. We are one of the top St. Louis mortgage companies.