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Six Mortgage Steps So Simple You’ll Scream!

Buying a home can be a pretty complicated process. And rightfully so – it’s a pretty major investment, no matter what or where you’re buying. But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Following these six steps below is a good way to wrap your head around what’s going to be a long, expensive, and ultimately rewarding process.

1. Improve your credit score

Unless you’re flush with cash, you’ll most likely be getting a mortgage to help pay for your house. And to get a mortgage best suited for your needs, you’ll want to have the highest possible credit score. You can do this by not just paying your bills on time, but buying things with credit on a regular basis.

2. Keep in mind what you can afford

And we’re not just referring to the total list price. When you have a mortgage, you’ll need to make monthly payments. So make sure that whatever shows up on the bill every month isn’t going to break your bank account. If so, you’ll want to look at reducing spending or finding something in your price range.

3. Save money for the down payment and closing costs

Even though you’ll be paying off the total price of your new house over years and years, you’ll still need to have some cash on hand for a down payment. And don’t forget about closing costs – they’re a crucial last step in making sure you lock down your new house.

4. Save even more money

Being able to spring for the down payment and closing costs still might not be enough. You never know what kinds of expenses might pop up in the middle of the process. So the minute you start thinking about buying a new house, start saving money. It’ll be worth it in more ways than one.

5. Get pre-approved for a mortgage

If you can take one more roadblock out of your way when you’re trying to buy a house, it’s a good idea. Getting approved for your mortgage can be a major hurdle. But if you put in the work to get pre approved early on, it can help get another unknown under control.

6. Buy a house you want to live in

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a simple step that people can often forget. Even though it takes a lot of work to figure out the many details surrounding homeownership, don’t compromise on getting a house you actually want to live in just to make everything else work. When you’re spending this much money, you don’t want to change your mind a few weeks down the line.

Whether you’re just starting to think about a new home or ready to get approved for a mortgage, Liberty Lending has the expertise to help make your home buying experience a pleasant one. That’s because we’re committed to helping everybody make their dream house a reality.

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