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Real Estate: Real Investment for Retirement

Many people are attracted to investing in real estate because of the security it offers. Historically, this asset class has been a great option for those seeking protection against inflation. Real estate can help you build a stable monthly cash flow that can be used to meet expenses and mortgage payments. This can boost your total return. It can also help you capitalize on market appreciation over time. When it appreciates in value, you can resell your investment at a profit or use the proceeds to purchase another property. If you’ve been thinking about getting into real estate investing but...
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Rising Mortgage Rates Putting a Damper on a Once-Hot Housing Market

Mortgage rates are determined by a number of factors. First, the lender assumes a certain amount of risk when issuing a loan. The higher the risk, the higher the mortgage rate. This helps the lender to ensure that the loan is repaid quickly in the event of default. Mortgage rates fluctuate frequently, depending on market conditions, so it is important to check current mortgage rates regularly. Our Liberty Lending consultants can help you find the best mortgage rates and loan types for your needs. The average mortgage rate in the United States has been between 7.5 and 9% for most...
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The Unequivocal Explanation of Home Equity

Equity is the amount of money you own in your home that is left on your home after the lender pays off your loan. This equity will grow as you pay down your mortgage, and as your home appreciates in value, you will also gain more equity in your home. You can use this equity in different ways, and Liberty Lending can help you discover and make use of your equity. Home equity loans can be obtained through most major banks. Always compare the terms and interest rates of different lenders. Some banks offer lower interest rates if you are...
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Finally Falling! St. Louis Home Prices Decline

Home prices in St. Louis are lower than the average for most cities in the US. As of this month, St. Louis home prices are 10-20% below their 2007 peak, and they are likely to continue declining. If you’re considering purchasing a home in St. Louis, here are a few factors to consider. The first is the appreciation rate. As a whole, St. Louis home prices are not that expensive, but they are still considerably lower than the national average. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a low-cost mortgage from Liberty Lending! In addition to the shortage of inventory,...
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Will Mortgage Rates Continue to Fluctuate?

A simple explanation of interest rates is the relationship between their level and their yield curve. The shorter the term of the bond, the lower the interest rate, while the longer the term of the bond, the higher the interest rate. Interest rates, therefore, reflect a risk premium attached to holding longer-term debt. But if you don’t understand how interest rates are determined, you might get confused. In this article, we’ll review the relationship between interest rates and yield curves, and how they affect interest rates. Mortgage interest rates are expressed as a percentage of the total balance, making them...
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What do these decade-high rates mean for homebuyers and sellers?

As mortgage rates rise and housing prices increase, the real estate market is becoming increasingly difficult and costly for prospective homebuyers. Home prices are not rising nearly as quickly as they used to, but if they and interest rates keep rising, the demand for homes will weaken, since more buyers are priced out of the market. This is forcing many buyers to delay the homeownership dream because they cannot afford the punishing combination of higher rates and higher house prices. While there are expected more homes on the market this spring, higher mortgage rates could be keeping some sellers from...
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Rates Are Rising! What Does It Mean?

Mortgage rates vary from one lender to another, and you should always shop around before committing to a particular one. Mortgage rates vary depending on many factors, including your state, the number of lenders, and the demand for housing in your area. For example, higher mortgage rates mean higher costs for lenders and therefore, higher rates. In riskier areas, lenders may hike rates to offset the risk. Finally, the state of the economy plays a major role in mortgage rates, so keep these factors in mind. If rates are going down, this is a good time to purchase a home....
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Will the Russo-Ukrainian War Affect U.S. Housing?

It wasn’t long ago that the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War began with a bang, but it may be a while yet before we understand the full impact it may have on US housing prices. What does this new conflict mean for you as a first-time homebuyer, someone seeking a VA or USDA mortgage loan, or someone who already has a mortgage? No matter what your current situation is, Liberty Lending is here to work with you every step of the way. Whether we like it or not, mortgage rates have been slowly but steadily rising over the past three years. This...
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