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At Liberty Lending Consultants, our unrelenting commitment is to help as many mortgage customers as possible achieve their financial dreams while helping them save money on their closing costs.

As a st. louis mortgage broker who has helped thousands of consumers over the years, it is our unwavering mission to help provide a funding solution for all your residential or commercial lending needs. No matter what the current interest rates are, Liberty Lending Consultants is a St. Louis mortgage company that will make sure you receive the mortgage rate you deserve. That’s why thousands of consumers trust in us when buying their first or second home, their commercial or investment property, or when closing on a refinancing loan. We know there are many St. Louis mortgage companies, and we truly appreciate your business.

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At Liberty Lending Consultants, we’re committed to helping our mortgage customers achieve their financial dreams while saving them money on their closing costs. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or investment property, or a second, or third, we have several lending solutions to meet your individual needs.

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Liberty Lending Consultants strive to make obtaining-a-loan as simple as possible for you. We do most of the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on what’s important – preparing to move, saving money or making plans for you home equity line of credit. We’re here to tackle all the hard parts for you.

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Is Your Home Seriously Underwater?

With underwater homes in St. Louis and across the nation at their lowest rates in years, homeowners seem optimistic about the housing market, as any St. Louis mortgage company would agree. However, a closer look at the data tells a different story.

The term “seriously underwater” is as grave as it sounds, and it applies to a shocking number of St. Louisans. “Seriously underwater” is here defined as a home where $1.25 is owed for every $1 the home is worth. In their year-end home equity report, ATTOM Data Solutions revealed that despite “high equity” homes reaching all-time highs, communities like St. Louis had some notable exceptions.

Homeowners in these St. Louis communities are among the most seriously underwater:

  • 63137 (Bellefontaine Neighbors) 64.83%
  • 63136 (Bellefontaine Neighbors) 57.35%
  • 62206 (Cahokia) 49.69%
  • 63121 (Normandy) 46.05%
  • 63115 (St. Louis City) 43.86%
  • 63134 (Berkeley) 42.99%
  • 63135 (Ferguson) 42.57%
  • 63138 (Spanish Lake) 40.13%

Altogether, upwards of 10,000 St. Louisans’ mortgages are seriously underwater, and many more are at risk. St. Louisans who default on their mortgages take a big hit to their credit rating and FICO score, which can make it difficult or impossible to obtain another loan of any kind. They may find searching for work difficult as well, as a poor credit rating or bad debt can show up on routine background checks that many employers require.

All this means choosing your home loan provider is an extremely important decision, and can shape your financial future as well as your career. Liberty Lending Consultants, a St. Louis mortgage company, works with St. Louisans to ensure your unique loan is handled with care. Liberty Lending respects the challenges homeowners face and provides a bevy of mortgage benefits including no PMI, a low down payment, great fixed rates, and fast turnaround times. Liberty Lending Consultants is committed to helping St. Louisans become homeowners with competitive home loans. With all the St. Louis mortgage companies out there, trust us with your lending needs.