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Special Veteran Loans

Calling all veterans, active military, reservists, and spouses of people in the military! There are special military and VA home loans available to you when you are looking to purchase your primary residence. Oftentimes, VA loans are the best financial option for people who have served in the military. Mortgage consultants and lenders want to reward you for your contribution and service to our country.

There is a bit of a catch, though. Not everyone who applies is automatically guaranteed any VA home loan they want. Most veterans and active military personnel are eligible, as well as many reservists and some spouses.  There are some eligibility determinates that should be noted. They include:

  • The length of your service. The amount of time you’ve spent in the military and your level of commitment effects the type of VA home loan you might receive. Check to see what is available to you.
  • Your credit score. A credit score according to Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion can change the offer you receive. The higher the score, the better the loan that will be made available.
  • Sufficient income. Just like anyone who applies without prior or current military experience, money makes a difference.  Liberty Lending would like to be sure that you can make your mortgage payment.
  • Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate just helps verify your service, but it’s a required step in making sure VA loans are only offered to those who have earned the offer.

This loan is very special because few people are allocated unique loans. There is a USDA Rural Development loan available for farmers to help with the improvement of land, but that is the only other loan with such a level of specificity. These loans are a giant, sincere THANK YOU from your government to you.  Your service and sacrifice are noted and important.